The Centre for Medieval music of Paris was created by artists and for artists as a place of experiment and transmission of knowledge on the interpretation and the performance of Middle Ages musics. Regular workshops and punctual training courses are proposed all year round for both professional training and for the practice of the amateurs.

Alla Francesca and Discantus ensembles are produced by the Centre for Medieval music of Paris since their inception, in the early nineties. They are now among the essential references for the quality and originality of their interpretations.
Together with Alta trio, they cover more than six centuries of music, from sacred to secular, vocal to instrumental, monophonic or polyphonic, as a soloist or small ensemble.

The CmmP also offers regular workshops and short training sessions throughout the year for the training of professionals (artists and teachers) and for the practice of amateurs of all levels.

The Centre for Medieval music is also required to advise or provide artistic direction of concert series. Since the 2008-2009 season, it assures the programming of concerts-meetings at Cluny Museum, National Museum of the Middle Ages.

The singer Brigitte Lesne is now responsible for most of these productions and also develops numerous actions which can include an important educational dimension.